January Announcements

Fr. Anglin’s Vacation: Fr. Anglin will be taking vacation from the 6th-10th of January. Fr. John Richmond from Christ the King will serve as the emergency contact while he is away. Fr. Richmond’s contact information is as follows: 309-645-9340. In Fr. Anglin’s absence, there will be Morning Prayer on Sunday the 7th at 10L00am and Evening Prayer on Wednesday the 10th at 5:30pm.

Confession of St. Peter: The Confession of St. Peter will be observed on the 18th of January with matins at 9:00am and Evensong at 5:00pm. Mass for the feast of The Confession of St. Peter will be observed at our weekday mass that Wednesday the 17th.

Vestry Meeting: The monthly vestry meeting will occur on the 21st of January, the 3rd Sunday After Epiphany after our coffee hour.

The Conversion of St. Paul: Mass for the feast of The Conversion of St. Paul will be observed at our weekday mass that Wednesday the 24th.

Annual Meeting: Our Annual Meeting will be on the 28th of January, the 4th Sunday After Epiphany during our coffee hour.

D.O.K: Daughters of the King will be meeting on the 25th of January for their monthly Mass and meeting at 4:30pm.

Pastoral Visits: Pastoral visits for the month of January can be made by appointment with Fr.Anglin by all those who wish it.

Private Confession: Private Confession will be offered at any other time during the week by appointment.

Morning and Evening Prayer: Morning and Evening Prayer are offered Tuesday-Friday at 9:00am and 5:00pm, respectfully. If a feast day falls on a Monday or Saturday, Morning and Evening Prayer will occur at normal times.

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